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♥ Hello !
I've got two months to save up for a concert in Japan that I've been dreaming of going to for nearly 9years, and a chance has finally popped up. Since I'm no longer in to anime as much as I used to be, I've decided to let some of my things go. Please take a look!!
This is an urgent sale, so serious buyers only please. It's okay to enquire about things but I won't hold items more than 4 days, unless you are certain you will buy them.

If you're interested in something or simply want to enquire. Please send me a message! or contact me on twitter @tegoxshi

♥ Location: England ( UK )
♥ Payment method: Paypal only ^^ I don't do meet ups for safety reasons. All prices are in GBP
♥ Shipping: I'm willing to ship world wide as I really need these things gone.
♥ I am WILLING to accept " To the nearest offer " so if something isn't to your liking, feel free to ask. It can't harm. However, please be reasonable, I have every right to refuse them ^^
♥ Please note Shipping and Paypal Fee are NOT included in the price.

♥ Cosplay
Ciel Phantomhive Robin Ciel Ballroom gown - £50 or nearest offer.
1x Pink dress, 1x white dress skirt, 2x ribbon ( pink back and white striped front ), 1x choker, 1xhat
Bought for £100 originally, many years ago.
Naruto Character headband, Konoha blue. - £5

♥ Items
Ciel in wonderland x Sebastian rabbit figure - £20
Nagisa Hazuki Free! bitter chocolate Taito figure - £25 [ rare lottery good ]
Tales of the Abyss 3DS game - £20  ** will only work on a 3DS console.
Pokemon blue rescue team DS game - £10
Naruto Ninja Destiny DS game - £10 or nearest offer

** No picture taken for the items below, however If someone is interested I will provide that! **
Naruto Shippuden sasuke small figure - £5 ** No box **
Uta no prince sama, CAMUS Kuji bracelet from the gatcha machines in shibuya. - £2  ** still in plastic wrap and gatcha ball.
Uta no prince sama Piyo chan character figure KING Version. - £8 ** with original box, excellent condition.
Bizenghast manga volumes 1 - 4.  - £3 each, all four for £10

& More to be added, Please visit my Sales post here for pictures and details of the items! ^o^
Thank you!!
- Lotti
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